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ASPECT-CONVERSION Group of Companies is a one of the leaders in the area of high-tech projects, which has high scientific and technological capabilities.

We have unique experience in management of international integrated projects related to disposal of mass destruction weapons and radioactive materials, creation of the relevant industrial infrastructure, means for safe handling and protection of radioactive and nuclear-hazardous materials, as well as in management of the projects related to protection improvement of nuclear-and radiation-hazardous sites, including development of physical protection systems and measures to control the personnel reliability.


ASPECT-CONVERSION Group has worked in a lot of international programs aimed to ensure nuclear and radiation safety on the territory of Russia, among which were the following:

  • Complex decommissioning of nuclear submarines;
  • Handling of spent nuclear fuel;
  • Radioactive waste treatment;
  • Rehabilitation of radiation-hazardous sites;
  • Upgrade of physical protection systems at nuclear-hazardous sites;
  • The program of nuclear site personnel reliability.