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Today, ASPECT-CONVERSION Group consists of three financially independent subdivisions:


An Autonomous Non-profit Organization «Center for Cooperation in Conversion for Decommissioning of Weapons and Military Hardware ASPECT-CONVERSION»(hereinafter - ANO ASPECT-CONVERSION) was established in 1999 and since that time, it has been taking an active part in international nuclear and radiation safety-related programs on the territory of the former Soviet Union. The Company's personnel are a collective of well-qualified specialists in design of complicated high-tech complexes, construction, physical-chemical technologies of processing nuclear materials. The Head of the Company is Director General Nikolay Shumkov.

The Company's personnel are a collective of well-qualified specialists in design of complicated high-tech complexes, construction, physical-chemical technologies of processing nuclear materials.


The Head of the Company is Director General Nikolay Shumkov, the 2-nd Class RF State Adviser.


Since 2002, a new direction has appeared in the work of ANO ASPECT-CONVERSION: upgrade of physical protection systems of nuclear and radiation-hazardous sites. This direction developed and since 2004, it has become the key Company's activity. In this connection, in January 2006, a separate subdivision was established: a Branch «Management of Physical Protection Equipment Systems Upgrade Programs» («UPM SFZ») of ANO ASPECT-CONVERSION.

As a management Company, the Branch «UPM SFZ» takes part in international programs, among which is the Program of Cooperative Threat Reduction of the US Ministry of Defence and the Government of Russia, and it also takes part in the Global Partnership Program related to fulfillment of agreements between RF Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada.

During the period from 2006 till 2010, the Branch «UPM SFZ» successfully completed the projects in retrofitting of physical protection systems at 15 sites of the Ministry of Defence of Russia and Rosatom.

Branch «UPM SFZ» includes the offices for capital construction and physical protection equipment, legal and contract-related services, specialists in design and survey.


The Head of the Branch is Director Eugeny Maslin, retired general-colonel, former Head of the 12th Main Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.


The ASPECT-CONVERSION Limited Liability Company (ASPECT-CONVERSION, LLC) was established in 2005, and since its establishment, it has been the main contractor for development and implementation of the Personnel Reliability Program at Nuclear and Radiation Hazardous Sites under the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. The history of the Company: the projects of the US Department of Energy.

The program is implemented in cooperation with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (the USA) within the frameworks of international technological assistance provided by the Department of Energy of the USA.


The Director General is Vasily Lavrishev.

Has worked for the 12th Main Directorate of the RF Ministry of Defense for a long time, retired as colonel. After retirement worked for the Federal Agency for Atomic Energy – FGUP “Atomspetsokhrana” as Deputy Director for special transportation. In this position he directly managed planning and management of special cargoes, established and maintained interactions with consignors (Rosatom sites, JSC “Russian Railways” [OAO RZhD], entities of Kazakhstan and Uzbekhistan, etc.); prepared and submitted applications for transportation of special cargoes; took direct part in organizing contractual work, monitored contract execution. Organized and personally took part in development of normative documents on arranging transportation of special cargoes. Managed day-to-day work of dispatcher/control units, both centralized and administrative, including monitoring of special cargo transportation.

From 2006 to 2013 worked for ANO “Aspect-Conversion” as Head of gratuitous aid section interacting with entities of USA, Germany, and Canada.

Executive Director Marina Naumova

Has worked for Aspect-Conversion LLC since the set-up of the company. She has extensive experience of successful implementing international cooperation programs, managed by both ANO and LLC. She is an expert in the area of intellectual property. In 2002 had training in the American «Booz Allen & Hamilton» company (Washington, D.C.) in the area of US government procurement administration. During her work for Aspect-Conversion she took part in successful implementation of complex science-intensive projects, funded by both US Department of Defense, and US Department of Energy, as well as the Federative Republic of Germany. Several projects were successfully implemented under her leadership and with her participation, such as: «Reduction of solid and liquid radioactive wastes, formed in the course of complex decommissioning of nuclear submarines» («Zvezda» (Bolshoy Kamen) and «Zvezdochka» (Severodvinsk) enterprises); «Upgrade of physical protection systems at the sites of the 12th Main Directorate of the RF Ministry of Defense» (funding was provided by US Department of Defense and the Government of Germany); implementation of RF Ministry of Defense Personnel Reliability Program.

Cooperation with ASPECT-CONVERSION is:

Reliability. The unique experience of participation in international programs allowed it to form a strong team of professionals capable to implement projects of any degree of complexity. Employees of ASPECT-CONVERSION are well-qualified specialists having large experience of work in the leading organizations of the RF Ministry of Defence, Rosatom,Roskosmos, Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks, and others. Our professionalism guarantees high quality of our work and making each decision balanced;

Openness. ASPECT-CONVERSION successfully passes audits of Russian monitoring agencies and is regularly audited by foreign customers. In our activity we try to achieve success for our customers and partners;

Punctuality. Projects managed by ASPECT-CONVERSION are implemented within established timeframes and with appropriate quality. An individual approach to each project allows us to make an optimal scheme for its implementing and to minimize possible risks.