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ASPECT-CONVERSION has unique experience in implementation of complicated integrated projects related to nuclear and radiation safety and physical protection systems including those at sensitive sites of the Ministry of Defence and Rosatom.

ASPECT-CONVERSION offers cooperation in development and implementation of "turnkey" projects:

  • Selection of contractors and suppliers on he basis of competitive bidding, making contracts, management of contractors at all project stages;
  • Settlement of issues related to land jural relationships;
  • Obtaining permits and approvals in Russian federal, local, and regional oversight and regulatory authorities;
  • Project management at all stages;
  • Equipment purchase and delivery, including drop shipment of equipment produced by foreign manufacturers;
  • Implementation of projects in compliance with safety requirements and regulations (radiation, environment etc.) of the Russian Federation, foreign states, IAEA, and other international organizations;
  • Implementation of international science-driven projects at sensitive sites;
  • Engineering and managerial support of foreign partners during the work at the sites with a limited access for foreign citizens, including the sensitive sites of the Ministry of Defence;
  • Qualified settlement of preferential tax treatment issues;
  • Providing expert and certification support (cost estimate development and control, value engineering, technical supervision and quality assurance, equipment certification);
  • Risk assessment and management;
  • Technical and financial audit;
  • Legal and information support.

In 2013 Aspect-Conversion LLC continues its work in search of foreign manufacturers of narcotic substances calibrators and standards for the purpose of their further registration and use in the Russian Federation. In this area Aspect-Conversion LLC is cooperating with such world leaders as «Sigma-Aldrich» (USA), «Lipomed AG» (Switzerland), «NeoGen Corporation» (USA), «CalBioTech Inc.» (USA), «Medichem Diagnostica GmbH & Co.KG» (Germany), «Nalvonminden GmbH» (Germany), «LGC Standards» (Poland-United Kingdom) and other.

As Aspect-Conversion LLC has established close cooperation with the leading manufacturers of narcotic substances standards and calibrators, this area of work is considered one of the company priorities.

The company is planning to obtain a license for activities connected with narcotic substances turnover before the end of 2013, and start importing standards and calibrators for designated entities of Minzdrav, military/departmental laboratories and other involved entities early 2014.

Services and Competitive Edge

Services and Competitive Edge to Be Obtained by Customers When Implementing International and National Projects with Participation of ASPECT-CONVERSION Management Company.

Project Structuring to Optimize Costs

The Customer's goal is to implement the project within established timeframes, certain budget and with appropriate quality.

Our specialists have large experience in implementation of complicated integrated projects including multi-profile activities, such as design, construction, assembly of technological equipment, training, cost monitoring, and others. We shall help you to optimize a project implementation schedule, to organize the structure for management of suppliers and contractors, to distribute the scopes of work between them.

ASPECT-CONVERSION's experience in implementing international programs at the sites of RF Ministry of Defence proves very well that involving the management company results in reduction of construction costs, and at the same time, in reduction of time required for work.

Risk Minimization

When the project is implemented within the strict time and financial limits, there are risks unavoidably arising which are conditioned by a large number of factors: Changes which the Customer makes in designed technical solutions, changes in the market situation, inflation, unfavourable weather conditions, Acts of God, changes in the legislation, unconscionability of contractors, and others. When multi-year projects and programs are implemented, the probability of these risks is rather high, and the longer-term the project is, the higher impact of these factors is.

Our experience allows us to make the most optimal scheme of project management, which depends on the Customer's requirements and capabilities. In the course of its long-term work in international programs, ASPECT-CONVERSION has developed a number of "know-hows" which allow it to reduce, and in a number of cases to completely avoid the risks of breaking the schedule or making the project more expensive.

Execution of Tax Abatement at Implementation of Projects within the Frameworks of International Cooperation Programs

In compliance with effective law of the Russian Federation and international agreements, under which the Russian Federation receives technical assistance from foreign states, the monetary funds, works, services, goods supplied within the frameworks of such agreements are not VAT-taxable.

ASPECT-CONVERSION has a large experience in execution of tax-exemption for different activities. All the works and services performed by the Russian and foreign contractors within the frameworks of international programs were tax-exempted. Our specialists will determine, whether the project can apply for tax exemption, will provide legal and accounting support at making contracts and organizing accounting in relation to tax-exempted deals, and will help to form a package of documents to execute tax-exemption.

Customs Clearance of Cargoes

In compliance with effective law of the Russian Federation and international agreements, under which the Russian Federation receives technical assistance from foreign states, the monetary funds, works, services, goods supplied within the frameworks of such agreements are not liable to customs duties and charges.

When implementing international programs, ASPECT-CONVERSION bought a lot of special equipment directly from foreign manufacturers with their further import to the territory of the Russian Federation.

ASPECT-CONVERSION has a large experience in organizing transportation with regard to all customs rules and procedures; at the same time, all equipment imported within the frameworks of the international programs was relieved from payment of customs duties and charges. If necessary, ASPECT-CONVERSION organizes certification and special checks of imported equipment for its further use at sensitive sites.

Appraisal of Projects

ASPECT-CONVERSION is highly experienced in project implementation as a general designer and construction customer. This experience supported by thorough knowledge of all requirements and standards allows us within the shortest timeframes to obtain opinions of expert examination, of architectural-and-constructional surveillance authorities, other approvals and permits at all project stages: from technical specifications to commissioning of completed facilities.

ASPECT-CONVERSION was involved many times as an expert and a technical consultant when the projects of different degree of complexity were developed. Our staff consisting of well-qualified specialists allows us to conduct technical expert examination of design documentation, including the cost estimates of works and to provide the relevant recommendations for the Customer.

Thermal Imaging Surveys of Buildings and Structures

Thermal imaging survey of buildings and structures is an efficient method of control both during construction period and during operation of buildings, the conduct of which at the stage of construction completion is a necessary requirement for the facility commissioning.

The thermal imaging survey can detect the following:

  • Cracking in building structures and elements and its location;
  • Unsatisfactory caulking;
  • Unsatisfactory winterizing;
  • Unsatisfactory installation of window and door sets;
  • Leaks in the systems of heating, conditioning, hidden pipelines.

The method advantages:

  • The opportunity to apply it both at facility construction and operation stages;
  • The opportunity to detect hidden shortcoming which are impossible to identify visually without destruction (opening) of structural elements of the facility;
  • The opportunity to examine the facility in the process of its normal operation (non-contact, distant survey which is safe for people and equipment located in the building).

The result of thermal imaging survey of the construction facility gives conclusive evidence in possible disputes with the contractor in relation to quality and elimination of shortcomings, and at the operation stage it helps to efficiently eliminate the troubles and accidents in the systems of heating, conditioning and heat insulation. In compliance with the effective regulations, at facility commissioning, the Customer shall provide the architectural-and-constructional surveillance authorities with the power supply passport of the construction facility. The thermal imaging survey is the necessary condition for making such a passport.

ASPECT-CONVERSION has both equipment at its disposal to conduct the thermal imaging survey and the specialists who were specially trained and have a special certificate.

Physical Protection Systems

ASPECT-CONVERSION implements "turnkey" projects of the site physical protection improvement. The complex site systems of physical protection by request of the Customer can include the following:

  • Up-to-date means for prevention from and detection of unauthorized access to the site protected areas (artificial barriers and obstacles, detection devices, video surveillance systems);
  • Personnel access control system;
  • Up-to-date system of fire protection, including fire alarm and automatic fire-extinguishing equipment;
  • Provision of telephone and radio communication means to protective force;
  • Installation of lighting system where necessary including those activated upon alarm signal;
  • All the site protection systems shall be provided with uninterruptible power supply;
  • The set of protection equipment is controlled with the help of a specialized computerized control system. Upon the Customer's request, one or several control stations are organized to control the protective equipment with required limitations of access to information for each station.

As there are no two sites which are the same, our work always means individual approach. In the course of design or retrofitting protection systems the following types of work are performed.

Analysis of a site vulnerability and assessment of existing protection system's efficiency.

The following work is to be performed:

  • Examination of configuration and technical condition of existing physical protection system at the site;
  • Identifying the most probable groups of adversaries, who they can consist of, their equipment and targets;
  • Development of the most probable scenarios for intruders' actions when they attack the site;
  • Assessment of probability and development of scenarios of other harmful impacts and events at the site (Acts of God and technogenic disasters, fire etc.);
  • Determination of the most vulnerable areas of protection system and assessment of its efficiency at the most probable scenarios;
  • Development of the set of measures to improve the site protection level;
  • Repeated analysis of the protection system efficiency with regard to upgrade proposals.

Development of design documentation.

At this stage the following works are performed:

  • The site survey (engineering survey of existing buildings and structures, utility systems, topographical survey, geological survey in the places of future construction);
  • If necessary - obtaining technical specifications in local supply organizations, execution of documents for cutting tree and shrubbery vegetation, execution of land registry deeds;
  • Development of design documentation, its approval in expert examination authorities, obtaining a permit for performance of building and assembly works.

Special equipment purchase and delivery to the site.

Optimal schedules of purchase and transportation are developed, with regard to the terms for equipment manufacturing, transportation time, need to execute the customs documents.

The schedule is formed to balance the Customer's interests related the cost of purchase and the timeframes for work performance: On the one hand, the purchase at the early stages allow the Customer to save funds; on the other hands, the assembly of the equipment received at the site should be made just-in-time if possible to avoid long-term storage of equipment at the site.

Performance of building and assembly works

includes the following:

  • Land development of sites for construction of buildings and structures, linear facilities (perimeter fences, roads and driveways, power lines, pipelines etc.) including cutting tree and shrubbery vegetation;
  • Measures related to drainage and dewatering, arrangement of drainage and water intake structures (if necessary);
  • Construction of buildings and structures (fences, buildings for protective forces, entry control points, roads and driveways, utility facilities);
  • Assembly and commissioning and start-up of special equipment to be installed on the site territory, as well as inside buildings and structures.
  • Commissioning of retrofitted site with execution of all the necessary documentation.


  • License of Rosstroy for structural engineering of buildings and structures of the I and II levels of responsibility (invalid since January 1, 2010, in compliance with Federal Law No. 273-FZ dated November 25, 2009);
  • License of Rosstroy for construction of buildings and structures of the I and II levels of responsibility (invalid since January 1, 2010, in compliance with Federal Law No. 273-FZ dated November 25, 2009);
  • Certificate of a self-regulated organization «Association of Urban Planning and Design» for permit to works which make an impact on safety of capital construction facilities (from 2010);
  • The License of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for performance of works connected with the use of the information comprising a state secret;
  • Certificate of compliance of the quality management system with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001.